After finally getting my oven built, before I could finish it, cooking commenced. I have been learning how to use it and experimenting on many aspects of this great tool.

The oven is like a very expensive pan or pot. It is just an oven at the end of the day. It can get really hot and holds heat energy in ways we aren’t accustomed to. If you think about gear of any kind, the better the equipment, the better the outcome. The wood fired oven is no different than a beautiful Le Crueset Pot in that it cooks evenly and distributes heat more evenly.

Heat from an open flame will give different results as it cooks from the top down. Anything that you want to finish or crisp up will enjoy this extra bolt of heat.

Below you will see an apple pie that started out baking with a lid on top to get the apples as hot as possible and give them time to cook. After about 45 minutes, taking the lid off will allow you to finish the crust. Utilizing an open flame will accelerate this.


Cooking to perfection

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