Perfect Pizza Dough

Pizza that will make you salivate, that will make you crave the salt and the cheese, the hint of tomato and the specialty meats that can be on board, is not easy to do. Well it can be if you have the right ingredients and take the time to learn how it is done.

Basically, one of a few tricks is to start with the right dough. Once you have this right, you can traverse over to other things that are required in this complex but simple equation. Putting together the right combination for world class or “Backyard” class pizza is something that you should experiment with. Find what you like and find what liven’s up your taste buds and then make it! make it for others, they will flock to your house to find out how good it is. 🙂

For me, at first I was focused on meat pizza’s. Pretty much wanting to replicate what I was getting delivered and make it better. That morphed into enjoying anything I could find that was fresh…..Fresh Basil, right out of my herb garden. Fresh tomatoes sliced thin, or fresh bell pepper. Add a little fresh fig and some goat cheese and you can really make something great. Add in some prosciutto and get a little hint of salt and BAM!! You will have something your friends will want more of.

Favorite pizza right now is – Traditional Parma Pizza with San Marzano sauce – Olive oil – Mozzarella, Prosciutto and then topping with Arugula and drizzling Balsamic Vinegar on top. Epic, crazy good.

Drop some sliced figs on this if you can find them fresh, cook them with the pizza and apply the Arugula after it is out of the oven.

Here is the dough –

1000 Grams Antimo Caputo Flour 00

650 Grams Water

20 Grams Salt

6 Grams Yeast

Use your Scale, This is done with Antimo Caputo Flour. It’s fine grind makes a luxuriously good crust. Based on the recipe from Peter Reinhardt but eliminating the Olive Oil. I found that it was better with out it.

Make your dough, and let it sit overnight in the Fridge.
This is a two day dough and this is a must for the correct flavor. Use good yeast and you will have some great pop.

If you have a wood fired oven, take this out of the fridge when you light your oven. Two hours later this dough will be ready to stretch and will be easy to work with. Top it lightly and let it cook….Enjoy



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