Wood fired Chicken Meatball Orecchietta Pasta

This recipe is fantastic. Compliments to Giada De’Laurentiis.  Preparing this on the wood fired oven capped it off and made it truly excellent. 

Link – http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/orecchiette-with-mini-chicken-meatballs-recipe.html

Starting with the chicken, boneless skinless chicken thighs. Grind them as she says in her recipe. I used my Kitchen Aid meat grinder. After mixing everything by hand, I made the meatballs and then dropped them in the freezer to pick up a chill. 

Cooking in a skillet in the wood fired oven is my new passion. I have become increasingly addicted to the power that you have in an 800+ degree oven. Cooking on my gas cooktop just does not “cut it” any longer. 

This recipe was well suited for the wood fire. First frying the meatballs and getting a good crisp coating on two sides was desired. Then after that, pour on the chicken stock and all the cherry tomatoes. Put it back in the oven. You may need a lid for some of this time.  In my case, this was cooked largely with the lid off. 

Cool the pasta- I did mine in the house and had it ready with a cup of Pasta water that I had standing buy. 

When the meatballs are ready, put the pasta water in your pot that has the drained pasta in it and stir to get the pasta “unstuck” if you will. Next pour all the pasta in the pan and drop in 8 oz of mozzarella with the chopped basil. 

Slide that back in the oven with the lid on. 

Let it hang out and get good and melted, then stir. 

This dish is ready!


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